Faligowski's Art Gallery

Since 1979

The Art Gallery was founded by the artist Teresa Faligowska and her husband Roman in 1979. It was the first private Art Gallery in Wrocław and one of the first in Poland. At that time a special permission from the Minister of Culture was required to start such an activity.

It was located near the statue called “Fencer” on the University Square. In the mid-nineties the Art Gallery had a branch at PDT Centrum (currently shopping center Renoma), and finally in 1995 moved to the Wrocław Market Square, where it continues to operate to the present day.

In our Art Gallery you will find mainly classic oil paintings by the best artists from all over Poland. For the most part, they have been cooperating with the Gallery for many years and their names are part of the history of this place.

From 2014 the Gallery’s tradition is continued by the son of Teresa and Roman – the artist Robert Faligowski. The Gallery still maintains its character, however, it develops its activity on the Internet, so the paintings can reach the costumers all over the world.